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Spiral Tarot Review

Dec 24

The Spiral Tarot deck is a combination of tarot cards and a book set. The book explores mythical imagery, ancient Celtic wisdom, and legends related to the spiral. The unique design of the Spiral Tarot is a popular choice for beginners and seasoned tarot readers alike. This deck is also a great option for those interested in tarot readings that are both accessible and educational.

The Spiral Tarot deck features astrological portraits and mythical imagery. Its unique style of card design incorporates figures from diverse cultures and mythologies, including the Legend of King Arthur. The Spiral Tarot deck also includes correspondences from the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. The book is filled with enchanting stories and meditation exercises for beginners. It also contains a comprehensive guide to the Spiral Tarot.

The Spiral Tarot deck includes a book about the deck and its meaning. This richly illustrated book will give you a deeper understanding of the cards. The Spiral Tarot is a unique choice for beginning tarot readers. This deck was created by an Australian artist, Kay Steventon. She combines her passion for astrology and her professional painting skills to produce her art. Unlike many other tarot decks, the Spiral Tarot can be used by aspiring tarot readers.

The Spiral Tarot is an astrological portrait deck. It incorporates mythological imagery from different cultures. It is a good choice for those who are interested in astrology and mythology. Its tarot cards feature beautiful pictures of the major and minor arcana. The illustrations are detailed and colorful, so the Spiral Tarot can be used for readings and for spiritual guidance. A full-color, beautifully illustrated book complements the deck.

The Spiral Tarot is a popular choice for those who want to learn more about the spiral mysteries of the subconscious. The Spiral Tarot cards are highly detailed and often use figures from different mythologies. The cards in the Spiral Tarot include images from different cultures. Besides depicting mythological figures, Spiral Tarot artworks also feature symbols from many diverse cultures. These are the symbols of the human soul, which guide us in our daily lives.

The Spiral Tarot is an alternative version of the traditional Tarot deck. Its illustrations incorporate motifs from various mythologies. The Major Arcana cards feature kabbalistic elements, while the Minor Arcana features full pictorial scenes with additional visual elements. Spiral Tarot artworks are crafted by Kay Steventon in stunning colors and details. The Spiral Tarot is an enchanting deck.

The Spiral Tarot cards feature images from different cultures. The Major Arcana cards contain kabbalistic elements, while the Minor Arcana cards feature full pictorial scenes. The exquisite details and vibrant tones of the Spiral Tarot make it a unique choice for anyone who enjoys tarot. The Spiral Tarot is one of the most modern Tarot decks. Its designs are based on the kabbalistic cards, but have a twist in some of their elements.

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